Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day One~

Day one~ 

I have decided to take steps in my life to make a better me.  A better Me for everyone around me. Myself, my Husband and my two wonderful children that love to make me insane!

Thursday, my husband and I drove to Klamath Falls, 300 miles away, to take my remaining horse to live in a horse rescue/senior Sanctuary!  A month ago, My daughters horse Gracie, and Ty's companion passed away unexpectedly. She was 25 years young.  Ty had been so depressed and upset about it all.  Lonely and not eating like he should. 
I reached out and had some amazing help to find him this new home.  He's in heaven there in the Senior center!
I left a piece of my heart when I drove away, but knowing that he's going to get the care and love he needs makes it hurt less.  He is with other horses, and HAPPY!  I am in touch with the rescue, and can find out about him daily if I so wish =)

I've made my decision to make myself healthy again.  Start dancing and doing yoga, both things I adore and stepped away from almost two years ago because of a pretty severe injury to my ankle.  I'm just going to have to work through and around the pain it still causes me.  Perhaps if my body gets a bit healthier, my ankle will heal better.   A new way of life is in the works for me.    Bringing my head above the water line is my goal.  I need to be happy.  Dealing with my day to day mood swings and inability to cope with some things is eating at me.  As is the idea that I'm burring problems with unhealthy choices.  Here comes the new ME!

I'm also making steps to move forward with my Sewing Biz.  I've got two.  The bellydance one seems to be fading into the background for me, but I'm still going to keep it going for now.  My *everything* shop seems to be picking up some more.  I've been working on making some new items for ready made, and am quite pleased with the results and feedback that I've gotten.  I've made an active choice to make what I feel like making, spend time on things I find beautiful and not worry if someone believes that I am doing a copy cat version of something.  I am going to make items that let me express my creativity as well as let me make money!   Helping to pay the bills is a huge goal for me.   Before my sewing funds went into the horse feed, care and upkeep.  Now that they are gone, I've got other things that can take the extra funds.  Like the power bill, or the phone bill!  

I'm taking a stand.  I will not be told that I cant make something because its already been done.  I will not allow my creativity to be stifled because someone released something similar to what I had in my head or was working on.  I will create what I see in my head.  My brain and hands need the outlet!  Creation for me is Key~ It holds my sanity.

for now~ its time for bed.

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