Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving Moving Moving!

Crashed last night at about 9pm! Stupid migraine!  I thought I had kicked it!  Excess stress does not do well for me!   ALAS!  I feel better this morning!  now to keep my back and neck from seizing up on me!!!!  There is only so much percocet and muscle relaxers can do!   Too bad I never got to the shower... *whoops*

Taking a load to the new house today, and then onto the food bank to get food order for Alsea Gleaners~ This afternoon is going to be pack pack pack, as is tomorrow afternoon, I do have Gleaners in the am AND a Belly Dance Guild meeting in the evening~  Friday is pack pack pack and then make sure that I've got everything ready for vending Friday night!

Hubby was mildly irritated that I chose to go to the show on Friday, but I ASKED to be there!  I'll figure it all out!  Hope to make a few bucks too!  We need it!

Off to get dressed, get the kids dressed and hubby outta bed so that we can get moving!

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