Thursday, November 24, 2011

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All items listed are on sale, even if they are not ready made.  BUT~ There are alot of new listings that ARE ready made!!  Trying to go through and get rid of all of my stock!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paypal Update~

Woke up today and had an email waiting letting me know that the money that was taken from me had been returned.  HUGE weight lifted off of my chest!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Paypal Theft~

Woke this morning to find that all the money had been taken from my paypal account as a 'mobile payment' to someone.  I don't have access to mobile services.  I did NOT send this payment.  The person who received it is a 'verified' member but there is ZERO info about them.  I got a hotmail email addy and a  name. 
I have filed a dispute with Paypal and they are investigating.  BUT~ the earliest I'm going to be seeing anything is 10 days.  That's 10 days without funds to do with what I need.  10 days that I'm essentially screwed.  Thank goodness that I have some cash funds so that I can pay for shipping for the few orders that I had.  So angry about this.  I've NEVER had issue with paypal.  Every dispute had been taken care of same day, same time.  I cant believe that they cant see that someone came in and took the exact ammt of money out of my account as was the balance!?!
SO~ Make sure that you have a difficult password and if you DONT use paypal mobile, make sure there is no mobile phone listed on the account so that there is also no pin listed on the account.  
I'll fume about this for a while, and will be sure to update everyone so they know what's going on with it. 

I HATE thieves and Liars!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway Update, Sale and New Skirt Listing!

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Strumpets Delight Etsy Shop

There are 225 likes on my Strumpets Delight page on Facebook!    Share the page with friends!!  125 more likes before I give away Double Ruffle Bloomers in Any Color and Size!!

Bloomers are amazing for cool and cold weather! They keep you warm under skirts like a slip cant, and give an extra layer of protection from the elements.  The peek a bloomers help eliminate the cold toilet seat and honestly keep you just as warm as the others!

Bloomers are available in FLANNEL!  Can make them in corduroy as well!  In fact, I can make them in almost every fabric out there!  They can be super fancy or super rustic!  I adore my bloomers and ruffle pants and wear them on an almost daily basis.  I find them more comfortable than jeans and the shorter knee length ones show off my boots or stripe socks perfectly!  (favorite place to buy them is Sock Dreams!)

 Finished a pink 20 Yard hem 4 tier skirt~  Should have had 25 yards, but there are a few yards missing.  There are over 20 but not quite 25 yards at the hem.  100% cotton in a GREAT pink that goes with SO many costuming options and colors!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Settling In

I've had a difficult year.  I like to think of my years starting over in October/November.  Last year in October we moved and I never really settled into that house, We moved again in June/July here to our current home, and I've settled in much faster I think.  Today, 3 months after we moved in, I decorated and cleaned my bedroom.  HA!  I had ENERGY today! (My last hemoglobin was 11.4, closer to normal!)

 As some people know, my bedroom is an inside the house addition.  My home was built in the late 1800's.  So, on one side of my room is the laundry room, the other side is the bathroom and behind is the utility room/shed.  I have ZERO windows. The room was a closet or office we think, and was made larger to be used as a bedroom.  We sleep with the bedroom door open and with a fan blowing fresh air in.  Its been pretty messy in there since I was sick and laundry was piled up, clean mixed with dirty and blah blah blah.  Got a few shelves put up a week or so ago (we dont have a dresser), so most of our clothes are now stacked on those.  Today I put a curtain over our closet, because there was no door.  Feels a bit more homey and less cave like in there. 

Got my pictures put up, all of them are vintage early century nudes in sepia tones. 
The largest is A very famous Storyville Photo by John Ernest Joseph Bellocq.

I am inspired by Storyville in many many of my creations.  I reach from that era into the late 1800's Victorian times.  I've always been inspired by the stories of these women.  From the wild west to the refined brothels in New Orleans.  Its a fascinating culture. The oldest of professions I believe. 

I lust for her stripe stockings. 

Got tons done today, Listed some new items into the Etsy Shop~  And have been working on my website a bit.   Tomorrow is sewing day, I've got a few projects to finish and get mailed out and then I'm caught up and can start working on my own projects that I've got planned.