Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Settling In

I've had a difficult year.  I like to think of my years starting over in October/November.  Last year in October we moved and I never really settled into that house, We moved again in June/July here to our current home, and I've settled in much faster I think.  Today, 3 months after we moved in, I decorated and cleaned my bedroom.  HA!  I had ENERGY today! (My last hemoglobin was 11.4, closer to normal!)

 As some people know, my bedroom is an inside the house addition.  My home was built in the late 1800's.  So, on one side of my room is the laundry room, the other side is the bathroom and behind is the utility room/shed.  I have ZERO windows. The room was a closet or office we think, and was made larger to be used as a bedroom.  We sleep with the bedroom door open and with a fan blowing fresh air in.  Its been pretty messy in there since I was sick and laundry was piled up, clean mixed with dirty and blah blah blah.  Got a few shelves put up a week or so ago (we dont have a dresser), so most of our clothes are now stacked on those.  Today I put a curtain over our closet, because there was no door.  Feels a bit more homey and less cave like in there. 

Got my pictures put up, all of them are vintage early century nudes in sepia tones. 
The largest is A very famous Storyville Photo by John Ernest Joseph Bellocq.

I am inspired by Storyville in many many of my creations.  I reach from that era into the late 1800's Victorian times.  I've always been inspired by the stories of these women.  From the wild west to the refined brothels in New Orleans.  Its a fascinating culture. The oldest of professions I believe. 

I lust for her stripe stockings. 

Got tons done today, Listed some new items into the Etsy Shop~  And have been working on my website a bit.   Tomorrow is sewing day, I've got a few projects to finish and get mailed out and then I'm caught up and can start working on my own projects that I've got planned. 

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