Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Daughter is a Creative Being!

My daughter Marie is a beautiful girl, super smart and so CREATIVE!  She has always loved art.  To make things with her hands, to draw pictures, color and make little sculptures. At the age of 12  She has creative talents that don't come from me that's for sure.  Lately she has been making headbands and hair clips with my mom (Who is also a creative genius) with broken jewelry, beads, charms and feathers.  My Mom has been collecting glorious vintage jewelry for years, and has made some amazing things.  She started with shadow boxes, and moved onto decorating picture frames, and now has started making hair clips, pins and necklaces. 

Marie, my daughter, has two new listings in my Etsy Shop~ Click on the pictures to go to the listings.

 Beautiful Bolo Ties in a vintage Victorian yet modern style.  The first has Pink as a theme~  I can see these being worn for a wedding, as a hat band or as a statement piece that is bordering on a bib type necklace.  Fully adjustable in length to be worn as a choker or further down the neck as a longer necklace.          


The second piece is a triangular shape that is a bit simpler with black, silver and a touch of gold and bronze.  It features a key, clockworks, a clock face, beautiful butterfly, glass rhinestones and dangle chains!  This one is on an adjustable braided leather cord, and can be used as a hat band, pin, hair clip or whatever your imagination calls for!

I am blessed with a daughter who understands the creative aspects of life and isn't afraid to express herself. 

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