Thursday, October 20, 2011

You ever hit a point in the midst of a project that it would be easier to just cut out NEW pieces rather than rip seams?   ya... I'm there... Its only going to be one side of a pair of beek a bloomers, but I apparently sewed the crotch open where the legs were supposed to be... *WHOOPS*  HAHAHA
So, I'm going to re-cut that half of the bloomers out and use the other part as scrap for other projects.  I feel like an idiot. 

I am apparently getting a cold of some sort.  Have a sore throat, apparently was coughing all night and today I just feel *ugh*.  BUT~ I refuse to let it stop me from getting everything shipped by saturday.  I know I said friday last week, but life seems to kick my ass and let me know that I cant rush myself.  (hence the sewing wrong parts together on bloomers...)

Guinea pig home/bedding is being washed today.  I need to get another set made up so that I can just swap em out every few days.  the new setup seems to be working quite nicely.  I sectioned off 1/4 of the pen with a pre-made gate with ramps and have the food and hay on that side with shavings~ they tend to go to the bathroom over there more often~ I haven't smelled them at all!   And they sit directly next to my computer desk.  That way I can lean over and grab one whenever I feel the need to cuddle!

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