Friday, October 7, 2011

My sweet son, who will be 6 on the 19th, asked me today "Mama, do you get money for your job?"  I replied with "What job do I do?"   "Giving people BEAUTIFUL clothes!"~    Such a sweet boy!

He knows how to work it~

I've got some great orders, and went to the store and got some great fabric to get some prototype-esque mermaid/trumpet skirts to get listed up on etsy.   Trying to figure out how long and how big or small to make them!!!!  Is 40" a good size?  I can always make them smaller... and making bigger ones is not an issue.  But for a prototype?
Some super cute stretchy fabrics were picked up at the store! =)

Tried to purchase some WHITE cotton~  couldnt find any. was all GREEN hued!  Really???
And... Of course I bought patterns that I will never use.  *sigh*  Why do I do it? 

12 year old Birthday party tomorrow! *oh wheee*  

Apparently there will be about 6 screaming girls running round.  Hope the weather is nice. 

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