Monday, October 17, 2011

Its Monday!

I was going to have ALL of my sewing done this weekend, and alas~ NOPE!  So~ I got up this morning and am going to start working on getting everything finished.  Its all cut out and ready to sew, sitting next to the serger. 
I went through and found piles of unfinished projects!!  Some pink, red and white pleather hip skirts, some ten yard skirts and even some 25 yard skirts.  All cut out waiting to be turned into wonderfulness~  I will be listing these on Strumpets Delight for sure.  
Still have fabric for the trumpet skirts, trying to figure out, in my brain, the best way for me to draw out the patterns for these.  I was thinking that 4 panels would be enough, but that wont work if I want to make a 'fishtail' type of skirt~  so... there may be more than one style I come up with.  We'll see where my brain takes it!

Had another wonderful Belly Dance class last night!  Had a stand in teacher and it was super fun for sure!  Quite happy that I had to have help tying my belt tighter!  (it ties on each side).   Next week I need to remember to re-attach my shoestring tribal belt to it so that I've got extra jingles!  
Ended up goofing off a bit~ alas, it was nice.  Learning a whole new style of dance and trying to re-train my body and brain to relax a bit. HAHA!
ATS and 'fusion' dance have taught me different postures and different ways of doing things! =)

It's some good stuff~

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