Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double Ruffle Bloomers

DONT FORGET ABOUT MY BLOG GIVE AWAY!!!  I will randomly pick someone from my facebook fan page once I get to 500 Likes!!!  I can sew for kids and adults alike!!!  Double ruffle bloomers in any color and combination of colors!!

Daughter had her birthday party this weekend.  12 years old.
She got some great cute things, and I've got things I've got to finish for her.  A pair of flannel pajama bottoms for one, I've got to make a pair for Brocc too!  I've also got the fabric to make a fleece body pillow cover for Brocc's body pillow that he inherited from me when I got my new one.
Wish it was as cheap to make them as it was to buy them!  I made both of the ones for Joe's and Mine~  Zippers and all~  we each use one.

Witch hats @ Full Knitted Jacket
Got out my spinning wheel this last week.  I've been doing a bit of spinning.  I am going to be needing to get my hands back into 'shape' They start to cramp after about a half hour of drafting and pinching, I'm thinking that I'm pinching too hard while drafting.  THOUGH the yarn strands seem to be spinning nice and soft as well as evenly!      Was inspired to spin again by a friend who is making the most ADORABLE goodies!!!  Check out her lil witch hats!!!  Full Knitted Jacket  (picture is also a link)

Have a new desire to make some wool dryer balls!  They are for sale all over etsy, and I've got extra yarn and stuff that didn't turn out the way I wanted.  SO~ I'm going to make myself some!  and some for my friend!

This is also a link directly to the shop! AND this silk!

I am a link too!!!
She has an amazing Play Silk shop on Etsy~   Called The Purple Tangerine!  I love her silks, my kids love THEIR silks, and they have lasted forever and go through quite the process of play here at home.  Think of them for your kids or grand-kids, nieces and nephews and just KIDS IN GENERAL! 

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