Monday, June 27, 2011

First night in our new house.  Its lonely without the dog =(  but she was in heaven when she drove away with my brother in law in the back of his pickup truck! I cried... =(  After a few snags we got our U-haul, got it loaded and headed over here.  Yesterday we had TONS of help unloading.  Joe's cousin even came from the next town over to help out!  Friends I hadnt seen in YEARS came to help!  My back yard is still full of crap, things we need to bring in because it apparently is supposed to rain today.  BUT~  There is more than enough room for my sewing stuff *YAY* our living room is pretty much set up and things are starting to come together. 
Slept like the dead last night.  Didn't even hear the train till this morning after Brocc woke us up because he was awake.  He woke up at about 230 this am screaming in the dark. =(  We need to get a sound monitor out in the front part of the house because we cant hear what's happening in our little cave of a room.  No windows!
Borrowing internet from someone with an unsecured network... the modem that came on friday wont work.  *argh* SO, they are sending me a new one.  Should be here tomorrow. 
Alarm system is coming today. It will add a HUGE ammt of security knowing that its there to let me know whats going on!

My entire body Hurts.  OUCH~ and I cant find anything I want to eat for Breakfast.  Need to get my kitchen put together.  there are still lots of boxes of crap that I need to empty.  LOTS OF THEM!  I sure have allot of food!!!   Moving is hard hard work, and we've been at it for a week. There is still stuff that needs to be taken care of at the other house.  A few things picked up as well as cleaning.  I'm not too worried about cleaning, I'll vacuum the floors and mop downstairs. Clean the bathroom and kitchen.  Get rid of a PILE of garbage! Love being able to have a giant burn pile out there.  Something I'm going to miss here, ALAS~ I will have recycling and garbage service here.   Its different being in town, but I dont see us having too hard of a time.  We've already 'saved' $10 in fuel and super high prices by living close to a convenience store! 

It'll settle down...

Friday, June 24, 2011


We Were notified today that our U-haul wont be ready untill after 5 pm on Saturday!  We were going to pick up super early saturday morning, load drive to town, unload and give the truck back the same day!!  ALAS~ its not happening that way.  They did give us a free extra day as well as free mileage! *YAY*  that will cut our cost WAY down! 

I am vending tonight at Clockworks (click here for Event Info)  I'm quite excited!  I dont have piles of stock ready, but enough to show people what I can do! =)  I'm also going to make a slide show of items that I've sewn in the past! 

Must start getting things ready to load again~  I have two pairs of bloomers that need to be put into the mail~ Alas I also have two pairs of bloomers to be made so that I can sell them tonight at Clockworks! =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving Moving Moving!

Crashed last night at about 9pm! Stupid migraine!  I thought I had kicked it!  Excess stress does not do well for me!   ALAS!  I feel better this morning!  now to keep my back and neck from seizing up on me!!!!  There is only so much percocet and muscle relaxers can do!   Too bad I never got to the shower... *whoops*

Taking a load to the new house today, and then onto the food bank to get food order for Alsea Gleaners~ This afternoon is going to be pack pack pack, as is tomorrow afternoon, I do have Gleaners in the am AND a Belly Dance Guild meeting in the evening~  Friday is pack pack pack and then make sure that I've got everything ready for vending Friday night!

Hubby was mildly irritated that I chose to go to the show on Friday, but I ASKED to be there!  I'll figure it all out!  Hope to make a few bucks too!  We need it!

Off to get dressed, get the kids dressed and hubby outta bed so that we can get moving!