Friday, June 24, 2011


We Were notified today that our U-haul wont be ready untill after 5 pm on Saturday!  We were going to pick up super early saturday morning, load drive to town, unload and give the truck back the same day!!  ALAS~ its not happening that way.  They did give us a free extra day as well as free mileage! *YAY*  that will cut our cost WAY down! 

I am vending tonight at Clockworks (click here for Event Info)  I'm quite excited!  I dont have piles of stock ready, but enough to show people what I can do! =)  I'm also going to make a slide show of items that I've sewn in the past! 

Must start getting things ready to load again~  I have two pairs of bloomers that need to be put into the mail~ Alas I also have two pairs of bloomers to be made so that I can sell them tonight at Clockworks! =)

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