Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruffles and Pockets

Had a rush custom order the other day~ Woke up the morning of Brocc's birthday party and made a new style of ruffle bloomers!  then express shipped them so that they would get to the customer in time for her camping trip!  I got Marie to model them for me.  DAMN CUTE!  Cant wait to make them in different colors and fabrics for SURE!  Lace will add glorious touches to them as well!   They are so FOOFY and Glorious!

 You can purchase your own pair right HERE!

Had a custom request for POCKETS! So, I think that I am going to start offering Pockets on bloomers, and perhaps even in skirts.  The ones she opted for this time were the patch type pockets on the back side of her bloomers.  I added a cute mini ruffle to each one, making sure they would lay pretty flat so there wouldn't be any extra poofing, unless she wanted em to!   I LOVE the pockets!  Will be offering in seam side pockets, patch pockets, either in the front or in the back!  Singles and doubles.  Pockets make so many things easy!
AND~ I finally got an order for ruffle bloomers in Navy Blue! Not just Black!  I need to get some other colors made up I know~

I have some other projects that are in the works, and will be getting some more photo's of older custom projects that I haven't listed on websites.  I'm slowly catching up. Almost there! 

I have decided to change my giveaway #~  350 likes on my facebook page and I give away a pair of bloomers in ANY size!!!  These can be made for kids and adults alike!  PERFECT for wearing under skirts in the chilly weather!  So SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Please remember to follow my blog and keep up with my facebook page for upcoming sales and specials! 

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