Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lots of New here In Strumpet Land!

First and foremost, I've got new listings in my shop!!!  StrumpetsDelight   New Hip Skirts and Bloomers!  More coming as I get pictures taken, and then will update pictures as I get better ones so that people can SEE what the items look like on real bodies! 

I've already sold one pair of bloomers and ad one hip skirt!  There are LOTS more coming and I've still got a tote of 'almost done' items that need to be finished and photographed.  Its a never ending spiral with me!   These should have been listed MONTHS ago, but with my health being the way it was, that was impossible.

We are enjoying our new home, the kids have settled in well, and we've 'adopted' our neighbor lady.  She lives alone and the kids love her and her dog Molly, and it seems that the dog as well as Trish our Neighbor love the kids.  I've started inviting her over for dinner on a regular basis, and sometimes she accepts, others she wont.   She's a sweet lady and has been putting Joe and the kids to work helping her fix up her yard. 

Right after we moved, I started feeling fatigue.  Having a never ending headache.  I could hear my heart beating constantly in my ears and my heart was constantly racing.  For a few weeks, I thought it was dehydration.  I guzzled down water and Gatorade like no tomorrow.  The fatigue and other symptoms kept getting worse.   It was so bad that I was out of breath walking across the house to the bathroom.  All I wanted to do was sleep and eat.  Then, there was the loss of desire to eat.  I wasn't hungry.  My hands and feet started to tingle.  I went to the dr~  Ran next to every test possible for health reasons.   All tests came back normal to good~  we had left out Anemia because I had zero symptoms or pre-cursors.  The next week, I made another appointment.  Hubby had to go with me this time, I was unable to safely drive or walk any sort of distance without being light headed or faint. Out of breath was becoming the norm.   The night before the appointment, I couldn't even dry myself off after a shower.   Talk about scary.

Hubby and dr discussed it, and Dr talked himself into doing an Anemia test.   Only because I was more pale than usual.  We came home and waited for test results.  Got a phone call about an hour later, I had gone to lay down and take another nap, so Joe answered the phone.   It was my Doctor.  We needed to get to the hospital asap, I needed a blood transfusion.  At LEAST 4 pints.  I am apparently a super woman.  My blood counts were the lowest he had EVER seen.   Homiletic Anemia caused by who knows what? (my body had stopped making blood cells)  I spent the two days and one night in the hospital.  4 pints of blood, could have used 5, but they had only ordered 4 (I've got special blood... Type O+ that has to have the antigens removed.... nice).  I was reminded over and over that had I gotten a nose bleed or anything of the sort, I could have DIED. 

Weeks, dr appointments and bone marrow biopsies later, My body was making blood on its own.  There are 'ideas' and 'theories' as to why my body stopped making red blood cells, but no one knows for sure.  All they know is that my bone marrow is working again.  I'm feeling better and better each day, but I've still got days that push me over my limit.  I spent three months almost dying, its going to take some time to come back from that. 

I'm hoping to keep up with the blog more.  Updates on what I am sewing and creating.  I've felt pretty creative here in the last few weeks. 
Still getting in over my head with what I commit to, but one of these days I'll figure it out =)

Just glad to be feeling good and not worrying about being so sick.

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