Friday, November 18, 2011

Paypal Theft~

Woke this morning to find that all the money had been taken from my paypal account as a 'mobile payment' to someone.  I don't have access to mobile services.  I did NOT send this payment.  The person who received it is a 'verified' member but there is ZERO info about them.  I got a hotmail email addy and a  name. 
I have filed a dispute with Paypal and they are investigating.  BUT~ the earliest I'm going to be seeing anything is 10 days.  That's 10 days without funds to do with what I need.  10 days that I'm essentially screwed.  Thank goodness that I have some cash funds so that I can pay for shipping for the few orders that I had.  So angry about this.  I've NEVER had issue with paypal.  Every dispute had been taken care of same day, same time.  I cant believe that they cant see that someone came in and took the exact ammt of money out of my account as was the balance!?!
SO~ Make sure that you have a difficult password and if you DONT use paypal mobile, make sure there is no mobile phone listed on the account so that there is also no pin listed on the account.  
I'll fume about this for a while, and will be sure to update everyone so they know what's going on with it. 

I HATE thieves and Liars!

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